We are pleased to provide our customers with answers to the most commonly asked questions about SkySpecs and the services we provide. We have organized these FAQs into 5 categories for your convenience. Still need additional information? Click here to contact SkySpecs. We’ll respond within 24 hours.

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As a general rule, we do not currently sell our drone hardware. However, wind energy owners, operators, OEMs, or ISPs interested in “self-operating” our drone system at-scale should reach out to SkySpecs for more information.

SkySpecs will send a highly-qualified and well-trained drone operator (or more than one for large sites) to the wind farm with our equipment to complete the inspection data capture. We have a combination of full-time employees and trusted, incredibly-experienced partners that we work with to accomplish inspections around the world.

SkySpecs primarily inspects wind turbine blades. In special circumstances, we may be available to inspect wind turbine towers, blade failures, transmission lines, etc. Please reach out to SkySpecs for more information if you are interested in discussing our non-standard inspection options. You may contact us by email: info@skyspecs-marketing-site-staging.xgjqn3y3-liquidwebsites.com.
The basic functionality of Horizon is available to all of our inspection customers. Please contact us to set up a call about how Horizon can become a critical part of your O&M decision making at horizon@skyspecs-marketing-site-staging.xgjqn3y3-liquidwebsites.com

The SkySpecs inspection solution is a specialized system. Only SkySpecs hardware and operators are used for the inspections.

SkySpecs has completed inspections in over two dozen countries across five continents. Please contact SkySpecs to discuss any geographical constraints. Our ability to enter new geographies will depend on several commercial considerations. You may contact us here: info@skyspecs-marketing-site-staging.xgjqn3y3-liquidwebsites.com.

Yes, SkySpecs has completed thousands of offshore wind turbine inspections at dozens of offshore wind farms across Europe. We are also able to provide our own vessel for independent on-site operations.

Yes, SkySpecs provides a highly qualified operator for both onshore and offshore inspections.

Scheduling, Weather and Pricing

We schedule inspections as soon as a purchase order is received from our customers. We possess all the documents for a typical vendor qualification and can move quickly to become an approved vendor. You will receive a call from our customer success manager who will walk you through the steps necessary to set up the inspections, process the data, and learn about other O&M services that we offer.

We prefer 30 days between the receipt of a signed purchase order and the first day of inspections. We work very hard to meet our client’s scheduling needs, but availability is dependent upon the location of inspections and the time of year.

There is not a minimum number of inspections required.

Horizon is our blade management software. Horizon is the hub for your full blade asset management projects. Horizon’s features include data capture & analytics, fleet management, and repair tracking and auditing. Visit skyspecs-marketing-site-staging.xgjqn3y3-liquidwebsites.com/skyspecs-solutions/horizon for more information or contact Horizon@skyspecs-marketing-site-staging.xgjqn3y3-liquidwebsites.com.

Fully-annotated and analyzed data and reports are delivered and viewable on the Horizon platform in 7-10 days following the end of an inspection campaign.

Horizon serves as a repository for many types of turbine data. Please speak to a business representative to discuss your specific needs. You may contact us here.

Yes; and both. We have a highly skilled blade team, led by leaders in the industry. This team executes a three-tiered quality control process to analyze your data. They have processed and analyzed millions of blade images. We are also working on Blue, our machine learning damage detection system, which allows us to identify damages using an advanced algorithm. Blue is already being used on a limited basis.

We store your data free for two years. After two years we offer long-term storage at a fixed annual price.

Yes. Horizon easily allows you to group damages together into campaigns to then assign for repair. You are able to follow-up on repair status at every stage and audit vendors.

We have a highly qualified data and solutions team to help you manage and sort more complicated inspections, fleet, and repair data in a way that is usable for you. Additionally, we also have Blade Engineers to help you strategize your repair campaigns. Please speak to a business representative for more information on how to leverage this team for your needs. You may contact us here.

Absolutely. Horizon was developed to serve as a hub for all of our customers and their collaborators to interact with their data in a way that enables them to make the best decisions.

For wind speeds: The SkySpecs drone system can operate in 15 m/s steady winds with gusts up to 18 m/s. For temperatures: Generally speaking, SkySpecs can operate between 14F (-10C) and 110F (43C), thought the exact range depends on other factors – this is a personnel safety limitation, not a drone system limitation.

It depends on the specific limitations of the wind farm and wind turbines. Generally speaking, SkySpecs drone operators will stop and position wind turbines themselves for each inspection and don’t require local site technician support. However, some wind farms have other personnel requirements related to turbine access privileges or other contractual constraints that do not allow SkySpecs personnel to enter the turbines. Additionally, site technician support may be required for up-tower pinning if the particular turbine is not able to be braked from down-tower. Please contact SkySpecs for more information if you have questions about your specific site. info@skyspecs-marketing-site-staging.xgjqn3y3-liquidwebsites.com.

Yes, the rotor must be stopped. If a brake can be applied from down-tower (or remotely), then that is preferred. However, some turbines do not have this capability and may require up-tower stopping, or even up-tower pinning. Please contact SkySpecs for more information if you have questions about your specific site.

At this time, SkySpecs is not accepting additional partners, however you may send your information, capabilities, and request to us using this form.

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