Digital asset management for every wind farm challenge

Collaborate, streamline, plan, and analyze

As the renewables industry continues to grow, so does the need for reliable, organized, manageable data throughout a fleet’s lifespan. Horizon was built as a way to unlock better decision-making capabilities, higher levels of automation, and more transparency at every level of your organization.

Our collaborative platform allows our customers to manage, parse and make sense of their data by digitizing Operations and Maintenance activity. Horizon supports workflows for stakeholders at every level of the value chain.

Engineers, executives, technicians, vendors, and partners can create and execute tasks and conduct data-driven analyses.

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Wind Assets”

Manage, collaborate, and analyze

SkySpecs' Horizon Blade Management Software


  • Provides an “electronic medical record” of all of your turbines’ health incidents and repairs
  • Manage tasks, planning, and execution
  • Year-over-year insights into all of your turbines
Data capture and analytics


  • Allocate tasks and follow up on progress at every stage
  • Plan any size repair campaign
  • Audit vendors and repair statuses
  • Report uploading and reconciliation
  • OEM management
SkySpecs' Horizon Blade Management Software


  • After your inspections, access all the high level-findings
  • Attend to urgent items, clearly identified
  • Image Analysis
  • Damage classification
  • Advanced analytics dashboards configured for your specific needs

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